Hi and welcome everyone!

I’m Syves and am thrilled to have you visiting my page. I just started this blog on 30 October 2017.  I am new to this  “Blogging” thing and was not really confident with my writing skills. So my goal here is to write more and just talk about anything.

 I happened to follow a few blogs and one day my husband said to me “Why not start my own?” So here I am.

I like any kinds of food though I am not really a good cook, but I try to cook things that are practical, interesting, and delicious. I like gardening, watching movies, shopping, reading anything online, sports, fitness, traveling, photography, dancing SALSA,  and a lot more.

Nobody’s perfect, we make mistakes and get mired in fear and self-doubt, just like the rest. But on a more personal level, I’m constantly trying to learn how to be better at things that really matter, like appreciating people, and expand my own ideas about what it means to live a fully creative and meaningful life. 

Most importantly, I believe that no matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you’ll change the world.

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